And who made the cut beeing on the 27th place???? yeah!!!
To beat valids makes me proud… but playing to show that everything is possible makes me goooooooooooood!!!!! Forza for the rest, with love, Ced

Starting back intense training ;))

After a 1 month break caused by some pain in the leg, I started back my training yesterday with Mich…same path…working harder and deeper for knowing myself better, only key to be able to focus on each shot, I love it and this is essential to go further…motivation is back, fighting for it ;))) Next step in december, Alps Tour Q in Spain… . See ya soon!!!!

Russian Open Feedback…;)

Finally back home with a lot of emotions!
I am sorry and sad for not being able to play my best golf, but I feel glad and blessed to take part in such an event, and to be able to take the experience I need to go further émoticône wink
My thought goes to people suffering, people who are fighting day by day to come back to a better life….keep fighting for it with faith, be patient, and remember that it is not what happens that counts, it matters how we react…!!
Thanks to Ivan Verzar & Thom Mambourg for the week, thanks to Anthony Summers & Damien Mcgrane for the advices during the week, and thanks again to my team, to people working undercover, and to fans for your support and the energy you are giving!!!
With love, Ced

M2M Russian Open – R1 start time 12.30 – Tee 10 with Gregori Baumann & Kalle Samooja

This will be the 1st time a disabled will participate in such an event and as I said before, I am proud to be that one…but on top of that, I would like to say that this couldn’t be possible without your help, your support and your love, sure you’ll recognize yourself émoticône wink

I’ll fight to show and to proof that nothing is impossible, ‘specially for people who are in troubles, whatever it is, keep fighting, keep believe that better things will come, whatever how long it takes, keep going on with hope, strength, faith and for sure, and as always, with love…;)

Many thanks for the support,

With love,


Russian Open – European Tour – Practice round

Nothing to say except that this is really cooooooool ;))))

This morning on the range before the practice round, the first balls were just…hum…well…in front of the big guys….a bit stressed, some tension, blablabla…. but then I got the opportunity to go on the course with Anthony Summers and we played 9 holes togheter where we spoke and he helped me much to relax…he made me remember why I was here and just advice to enjoy a max, so the shots came and I had really great fun, thank you for that Anthony, will never forget this first experience on ET!!! 9 back with Irish’s was good fun too, I really love this job ;))

Tomorrow will be a day on the range with some short game sessions, Thomas is doing such a great job, everything is just perfect here, just one word to say: thank you god for this, I love to live;)

See ya soon!!





Omnium Concentra

A good game in general, 2 balls out and a bad putting resulting in a « not enough » to pass the qualification…. . I’ll have more time to prepare for Russia, feeling good, working hard 😉


What a news!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great news in the mail box!!!!!!!!!
Guess my answer….;)
An invalid in an individual European Tour event, so proud to be that invalid ;))))))))


Dear Cedric,

On behalf of Andrey Vdovin and as M2M Russian Open 2015 Director I’m glad to invite you to take a part in Russian Open in September 2015 in Skolkovo Golf-Club.

We are impressed with your brave and it will be a honor for us to meet you personally.

Please let me know if you need visa support and any other assistance you may need.

Please confirm if you will be able to participate.  »
Kind regards,

Tatyana Yakubovich

PR & Marketing Director


М2М Private Bank

125009, Moscow
Thank you for this, thanks to my team for the preparation, thanks to all for the support you are giving, looooooooove!!!!!!!!!!!


World Pairing championship – day3/4

Day 3 was cancelled because of over floated course, and today we are waiting for the decision, same course conditions… disappointed a bit, but what to do? Hope we will play…

World Pairing Championship 2015 – Day 2

Better game today, love the way I am striking the ball, 3 birdies, nice putts, 1 missed shot on the 16th, snap hook in the woods, same with the second ball, unplayable, ended with a 7 on this easy par4, but quite a good result at the end of the day specially on this course with the wet conditions, I am happy 😉 Juan was a bit out on the first 9 holes but came back very well on the back, enough for us to lead I think…2 more days…stay focus, we’ll go for it!! keep posted, loooooooooove